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Working Together to Strengthen and Grow Ontario’s Screen Based Industries

FilmOntario is a non-partisan, private sector organization formed in 2003.

Members include production companies, unions & guilds and businesses which provide a vast range of services to the industry such as supplying studio space, camera & lighting, financial, legal, visual effects and post to name a few.

Member organizations work within Ontario’s successful industry and together they employ over 30,000 individuals and contribute over $1.5 billion of economic activity to the Province of Ontario each year.


  • works to ensure Ontario maintains its status as one of the world’s most competitive and attractive production jurisdictions
  • is the industry’s strong voice at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal level of government
  • keeps the industry ‘top of mind’ with the Province of Ontario
  • messages that reliable and stable tax credits are key to signal the Province’s long term commitment to the industry
  • works with the City of Toronto and other municipalities to ensure the industry is treated as a priority and that policies and procedures are kept ‘film friendly’
  • works with other groups like the Canadian Media Producers Association (‘CMPA’) to ensure the industry speaks with a strong and unified voice
  • co-manages and co-funds a full-time Los Angeles-based Marketing Office which promotes Ontario as an international production destination
  • co-chairs the newly created “Ontario Screen-based Advisory Panel”, a working group where the Ministries of Culture, Finance and Economic Development come together with FilmOntario, CMPA, MPA Canada and CASO to work on strategies to ensure the ongoing competitiveness and continued growth of Ontario’s industry

How does FilmOntario operate?

  • is private and non-partisan so our funding comes entirely from the membership fees paid by our Members
  • is run by a volunteer Board of Directors of 16 industry leaders from labour and private sector Member organizations
  • creates issue-specific Member based task forces, to solve the challenges that arise in our diverse and complex industry

Why join FilmOntario?

  • Now more than ever it is important that the industry works together to advocate for stability of the tax credit system to ensure ongoing growth and competitiveness of Ontario’s screen-based sector. We’ve seen the impact changes in tax credits can have and need to speak with one united voice as we lobby governments and build public support for the industry here in Ontario

By becoming a Member of FilmOntario, you will:

  • get regular updates on important developments in the industry
  • have access to FilmOntario’s Managing Director and Counsel who can answer industry questions and bring forward your concerns
  • access our LA Office for assistance with networking and marketing opportunities
  • receive our LA Office’s weekly newsletter
  • be included in FilmOntario and Member sponsored events including the Annual General Meeting
  • most importantly, ensure that the organization is properly funded so that we can continue to do the necessary work to protect and grow the industry on which we all rely

Membership Fees per year:

  • Under 5 employees: $ 1,575
  • 5 to 10 employees: $2,625
  • Over 10 employees: $5,250


Every organization working in the industry in Ontario benefits from the work of FilmOntario.


We look forward to welcoming you as a Member of FilmOntario.